DUP DARIE sculptor

 Sculpture, photography, installation, site specifics


 Associated Professor Sculpture Department UNA(National University of Arts) Bucharest (from 1922 – till present; between 1995 and 2006 Head of Sculpture Department).

Member of The Royal British Society of Sculpture.


 Born in  4.05.1959, Zlatna, Romania



 Str. Ermil Pangratti, nr. 31, sector 1, Bucharest

 Tel: 0722 630 146







 2002-2004 – Phd in Arts with the thesis: “Saint George, hero of the Christian Eastern iconography”, Unarte Publishing House – Bucharest, 2006.

 1978-1983 – UNA, Bucharest, Sculpture Department



 2014 – Order of  the Cultural Merit of  Romania

 2013 – Brâncuşi Grant, ICR (Romanian Cultural Institute) / Cité des Arts Paris

 2012 – The Prize for Sculpture / the Romania Artists Union (UAP)

 2008 – The Prize of the Culture Ministry for the 8 art+, Bucharest

 2007 – The Excellency Prize of UAP

 2007 – Generalitat Valenciana Grant, Valencia, Spain (workshop Politecnico   University)

 1995 – The Italian Governmental Grant, Rome

 1992 – The Prize for Ambiental Art of the  RomanianArtists Union (UAP)

 1992 – The Prize for Sculpture, The Municipality Townhall, Bucharest

 1991 – The Dzintari Jurmala Residence, Riga

 1998 – The Youth Prize - Drawing Biennial, Arad

 1985–1987 – The Frederick Storck Grant, Bucharest

 1984 – The Artists Union (UAP) Grant

 1983 – The First Prize for Sculpture, Studentfest, Sibiu




 2016 – Cultural Association Combinart/1+1=10

 2007–2010 – 8art+ Group




 2016 –The Pink Wheel, Oracle building, site specific,  Bucharest

 2016 – Artist Presentation, MNAC, Bucharest

 2016 – Art at the window, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

 2016 AXIS MUNDI#4, site-specific installation, The Romanian Peasant Museum,   Bucharest

 2015 AXIS MUNDI#3, site-specific installation, The District Museum of Gorj,    Târgu-Jiu, Romania

 2014 AXIS MUNDI#2, site-specific installation, The Contemporary Art Gallery,    The Brukenthal Museum of Fine Arts, Sibiu, Romania

2014 AXIS MUNDI#1, site-specific installation, Brancoveanu Palace, Mogoşoaia, Romania

 2011 – New Sculptures, Kovalenco Gallery, Geldrop, the Netherlands




 2011-2010-2009 – Zervasart, Patras, Greece (painting)

 2007 – Baia Mare, sculpture park, Romania

 2006 – Cisnădie Townhall, Cisnădie, Romania

 1995 – The George Apostu Cultural Centre, Bacău, Romania

 1994 – Groot Schuylenburg, the Netherlands

 1994 – Sângeorz-Băi, Romania

 1993 – Mraconia, Romania

 1992 – sculpture park Borchel en Schaft, the Netherlands

 1992 – Sibiu, Romania

 1991 – Dzintari Jurmala, Riga

 1985; 1983 – Măgura Sculpture Park, Buzău, Romania

 Belden in Soest 93, De Hazelaar, Soest, the Netherlands, 1993.



2016 – Hyperconnectivity, Many Colors Association, ICR Berlin

2016 –The Collection in the Archives, curators Adriana Oprea and Irina Radu, MNAC, Bucharest

 2015 – C.A.R. Contemporary Art, Ruhr/ KunstMesse, Essen, Germany

 2015 – Arts in Bucharest, Man Against Life, Arthalle Gallery, Bucharest

 2015 – Kovalenco Gallery, Geldrop, the Netherlands

 2014 – 150 years- UNA. The Artistic Education, curator Adrian Guţă, MNAC,     Bucharest

 2014 – Sculpture 2014, TIPOGRAFIA gallery, Bucharest

 2014 – Arts in Bucharest, TIPOGRAFIA gallery, Bucharest

 2013 – Black Trees, drawing installation, Les Atelieres de la Rue Ordener, Paris

 2013 – Trees by nails -video, 8’, (video camera Veronique Barbé), Cité des    Arts Paris

 2011 – Kovalenco Gallery, Geldrop, the Netherlands

 2011 – ZOOmania, curator Mihai Oroveanu, MNAC, Bucharest

 2011 – The Other Body, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest

 2009 – The Bronze Age, The Art Museum, Cluj,m Romania

 2008 – 8art+, curator Mihai Oroveanu, Dalles Hall, Bucharest, ICR Madrid, ICR Paris, ICR Lisabona

 2007 – Homage to Brâncuşi, National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi,     Mumbai, India

 2007 – The trace of my body in space, with Reka Csapo Dup, UNA Gallery,


 2006 – Group exhibition, the  Art Museum, Cluj, Romania

 2004 – Self-portrait, Mogoşoaia Palace, Bucharest

 2000 – Ecce Homo, Hazelaar Gallery, Soest, the Netherlands

 1998 – Romanian Art Abroad, Mucsarnok, curator Laszlo Beke, Sorin Dumitrescu, .Budapest

 1998 – Zeitgenössiche Rumänische Kunst, Leipzig Book Fair, curator Mihai    Oroveanu, Leipzig, Germany

 1995 – Edizione Centenario Biennale di Venezia, The Romanian Pavillion, curators   Coriolan Babeţi and Dan Hăulică, Venice, Italy

 1995 – Deventer Gallery, the Netherlands

 1995 – Catacomba Gallery, Bucharest

 1994 – Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

 1994 – Artexpo, Bucharest

 1994 – Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

 1993 – Hazelaar Gallery, Soest, the Netherlands

 1992 – World Exhibition - Sevilla – The Era of Discovery, The Romanian

  Pavillion, curators Mihai Oroveanu and Coriolan Babeţi, Sevilla, Spain

 1992 – Sculpture Symposium, Borchel En Schaft, the Netherlands

 1991 – Auriga, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest

 1990 – 9+9, Dalles Hall, curator Mihai Oroveanu, Bucharest

 1990 – Darie Dup and Maria Cocea -Sculptures and Drawings, Simeza Gallery,





 2010 – The XXII-nd Sculpture International Conference, Sculpture Center,     Chelsea College of Art and Design, London

 2009 – Sculpture in the 21-st Century, Workshop with William Tucker, Darie Dup

  and Reka Csapo Dup, UNA, Bucharest





 Auriga-The Soldier Step, Stephan Janssen Collection, State University Art   Museum, Phoenix, U.S.A.

 King Michael of Romania Collection, Bucharest

 The National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC), Bucharest

 The Art Museum, Bacău

 The Art Museum, Galaţi


Several private collections in Romania, Switzerland, France, Germany, the Netherlands.




 2012 – Nicolae Titulescu, Rizari Park, Athens

 2005 – Andrei Şaguna monument, Andrei Şaguna University, Constanţa, Romania

 2004 – Monument Project, Sfântul Gheorghe, Romania

 Măgura Sculpture Park, Romania

 Borchel En Schaft Sculpture Park, the Netherlands




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Other articles about the artist in journals and art magazines: Adevărul, Arhitext, Arhitectura, Arta, Artelier, Dilema Veche, Igloo, Observatorul Cultural, România Literară, and other publications with texts by:

 Laszlo Beke, Coriolan Babeţi, Ruxandra Balaci, Mihai Oroveanu, Adrian Guţă,

 Andra Matzal, Gheorghe Iova, Simona Năstac, Adela Văetişi, Theodor Redlow,

 Alexandra Titu, and many others.



CATALOGUES (selection):

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